July 22, 2017

About Ririe Days, The Idaho Horizons Program, & The (RCCD) Ririe Coalition for Community Development

About Us

Idaho Horizons is a community leadership program aimed at reducing poverty in small, rural towns in Idaho. The program is funded by the Northwest Area Foundation in partnership with University of Idaho Extension.

Horizons is focused on poverty, leadership and community. The program focuses on poverty, because poverty impacts everyone in a community. During the 18-month program, Horizons participants explore the perceptions and the sources of poverty. Poverty is multi-dimensional and must be solved in multiple ways. Horizons builds stronger community leadership, acknowledging that leadership is as important as good roads, great schools and clean water. This initiative embraces the entire community: everyone is needed and everyone has something to contribute. For communities to thrive, everyone has to have an opportunity to prosper.

The Ririe Days Festival was one of the first initiatives undertaken by our local Ririe Horizons chapter of the Idaho Horizons.

Over the course of the year or so following Ririe Days in 2009, the Ririe Horizons group has been in the process of becomming The (RCCD) Ririe Coalition for Community Development. By design, the Horizons program is meant to be temporary in nature (1 - 2 years) and provide training and expertise for rural communities like Ririe to help themselves establish a more permanent community organization run by local leadership. The RCCD is in the final stages of succesfully completing the Idaho Horizons program and has laid down permanent roots that stand to benefit the greater Ririe community for many years to come. The RCCD is actively seeking new members. Please contact Annika Davey @ 208-538-6662 for more information on joining the RCCD.


Ririe Coalition for Community Development


Coming together for a better community


Established in 2008, Ririe Coalition for Community Development is an organization that represents the Greater Ririe Community

Mission Statement

Ririe Coalition for Community Development is an organization whose purpose is to integrate the various groups, cultures, and community resources to improve our community. Ririe Coalition for Community Development is committed to improving our community by:

  1. Creating a sense of community for the Greater Ririe Area
  2. Community Beautification
  3. Economic Development
  4. Developing Youth Leadership/Service for our Community

Ririe Coalition for Community Development is focused on building a better community with strong small town values that serves our locals and visitors.


Community Vision Statement

Ririe is a close-knit, friendly, inviting and safe place to live and raise families. Our activities and actions create a cohesive sense of community, and a nurturing environment for our residents. Clean and well taken care of, Ririe is a place where everyone can thrive.

We are a rural community with strong small town values. We have a vibrant bustling downtown that serves our locals and our visitors. We have successfully built upon our agriculture and diverse natural resource-based recreational opportunities.Ririe, Idaho

RCCD Board of Directors

Committee composition: (names and positions)
Annika Davey - Chairman
Whitney Summers - Treasurer
Mandy Simmons - Historian
                        - RYAC
Shari Sellers - Entertainment

Sustain the vision of building prosperity, reducing poverty-keep the ‘fire alive"-and coordinate Action Team activities in the community

Questions to guide development of Steering Committee Agreement plan/outline

• What leadership roles do we want? Who will fill these roles?
In our steering committee we want a secretary, treasurer, historian, advertising rep., and school board liaison, We would like to use our existing members to fill these roles, but if not interested then we will recruit more members who will fill these roles for us.
• How often will we meet? Set day and time?
We have agreed to meet once a month. We meet every fourth Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in the conference chambers at City Hall.
• How will we welcome and orient new members? (Ex: an Action Team may change representatives on the Steering Committee)
We have several action teams that may change representatives or chairmen and we will seek out those who wish to help or take over these positions. We, as a steering committee, will invite them to our monthly meetings and involve them as far as they would like to go. We are trying to keep all action item information so that it will be available to new members to review and learn from. We need to have a meet and greet at each session for all new faces.

Decision-Making Process/Team culture
• How do we create an atmosphere that affirms and helps to address differences of opinion and interest? How will we reduce private interests influencing public decisions?
We start by having a diverse steering committee. We listen to all ideas brought before us. We give each idea the respect that it deserves and then we discuss the ideas both pros and cons. After listening and discussing we bring it to a vote. We invite anyone to our meetings. We try to play the middleman between private interests and public decisions by inviting it in, listening, discussing, and voting. Everyone gets a voice. Steering committee members will be the only vote considered.
• What ground rules are important to us as a Steering Committee?
Our most important ground rule is that everyone gets a voice and that no idea is a bad idea. We listen to everything that is brought to our attention. We try to keep on task. We are respectful. We represent our group honorably. We support action items that are active.

• How do we want to make decisions? (Ex: consensus, other?, how many members are needed to
make a decision,)
We make our decisions by voting. We need 51% to win the vote. If the occasion calls for it, we will do a private vote by ballot. We need to have 5 members present to vote in a quorum.
• How will decisions be recorded and shared with others? (group decisions, no specific names)
We record all of our meeting decisions in our notes. We make all decisions as a group and try to keep it recorded as a group with no specific names. We try to post our decisions on our blog and if need be we use our advertising methods. Anyone who requests a copy of minutes will be given a copy.

Resource leveraging and allocation
• What fiscal sponsor and procedures are in place for the funds?
We are currently working on our sponsor and also our 503(c) exempt status. We do have our non-profit checking account already set up and working.
• What, if any, guidelines or limits will there be on grants? (Ex: total project amount, competing projects, timing and up-front expenses, etc)
This is something that we have not gotten to deeply involved in yet. We have brought the subject up, but haven't discussed it in depth. We will be sending 2 people to the grant writing training and will vigorously pursue grant writing for our group.
• By what process should the funds be accessed? (Forms to fill out, reporting expectations, etc)
Have yet to discuss. We need guidance here. Any action teams may apply, in person, for funding at any advertised steering committee meeting.
• How will funds be leveraged? What strategies will be used to seek out additional resources?
We really need more information on resources. We will be attending the Partnership Summit to make connections with regional partners to help us seek out additional funding and support.

Communication Systems
• How will we ensure the blogging requirements are fulfilled? (See attached for requirements)
We have yet to receive the requirements, but are optimistic that our blogger can handle them. We as a committee will endeavor to help him out with all requirements and making sure that they are fulfilled within a reasonable amount of time.
• What other channels, beyond the community blog site, will we use?
We will take advantage of our electronic community billboard, school newsletter, city newsletter, community newspaper representative, various religious bulletins, fliers, posters, e-mail distribution lists, and word of mouth.
• What role will the Steering Committee play in communication (ex: coordinator between Work Teams and the media? Other?)
We have a direct relationship with our advertising coordinator. We like to invite working teams and the media and anyone else interested to our meetings. We have relationships with our local newspapers, television and radio stations, and community newsletters. We will continue to play an active roll in our communication.

Vision Affirmation/Sustainability
• What can we do to keep the community engaged in the vision and addressing poverty issues?
Keep it visual. We need to keep going, keep our teams active, and stay in the thoughts of our community. We need to remember to involve more of our community-to use those who volunteer. We need to accomplish goals so that our community can see that we are an action group that finishes and not just the same old group that complain but won't step up. Get results.

• How will we evaluate accomplishment of our community's vision?
We need to have the input of the community and listen to their opinions on the success of our projects. We need to reevaluate what we saw that did or did not work and then bring these evaluations to the committee to be discussed as a group. We need to have a copy of our vision in front of us as we hold meetings and make decisions and we need to read that vision often. We need to share our vision with more of our community. We need to get copies of our vision to more community members.

• What skills and/or training are necessary to ensure success of the Horizons Team?
We need to hold another Leadership Plenty course. We also need parliamentary training. We need to take advantage of the trainings currently being offered (grant writing, non-profit, etc.). We need to incorporate classes that are being offered by the University into our active teams. We will take any training that we can get.

• How will we celebrate the successes of the Action Teams?
We will and have celebrated big! We use word of mouth and our advertising to address our successes of our actions teams. We celebrate by keeping the teams open and active for future reevaluations and use. We like to have snacks when we are successful.



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